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G'day - I'm Chris


Hello and thanks for stopping by :)

I live in Brisbane and work throughout South-East Queensland and beyond!  I became a celebrant for the sole purpose of marrying my best friend (good story, ask me sometime!).  I have since learned that people feel there isn't enough good quality (young(er)) male celebrants around. 

When I look back on the 5 years I've been a wedding celebrant in Brisbane I remember mostly the fun I've had working with couples to make their days perfect.  If I've learnt anything so far is that having fun is one of the most important ingredients to getting it right!

Whilst I'm based in Brisbane I travel throughout South-East Queensland routinely and interstate and beyond with pleasure!  If you have some exciting or exotic destination wedding in mind I'm sure we can reach some agreement!

So no matter how romantic, funny, quirky or costumed your plans are for your day let’s have a coffee (or beer!) and see if we like each other.  I might even shout!

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