Marrying your best friend...

It's quite romantic isn't it. The notion of marrying your best friend.

I could write a sappy passage about how I married my best friend - because I did ;) but this post isn't entirely about me.

For about 18 years Kate and I have been best friends. We've shared all the moments you do as best friends and through both distance and lives heading in a variety of directions our friendship held strong.

So, when on 1 October 2016 I got to marry my best friend it was quite the surreal experience.

Kate & Jeff are also best friends - so thankfully we all get on OK otherwise it could have got awkward.

Being invited to share in someone's special day is one thing - to officiate it is another. So, on this occasion marrying my best friend was a different than the usual take on the phrase - but it was no less satisfying, rewarding and worth every minute.

If I can help you marry your best friend then let's talk - I've done it once or twice now ;)

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