What's in a name?

I've been getting really positive feedback about the name of my business. I'm really happy with it - it truly represents me, my philosophy on life and the way I want people to feel when I interact with them during the planning of their special day!

Let's face it - anyone who has done it knows it doesn't matter how organised and planned you are - it's still super stressful!

Unfortunately I cannot accept credit the name!

During my preparations to become a celebrant I tasked many friends with the challenge of throwing really good ideas at me and others and seeing what sticks. Kate, Jeff and I were having our usual German Sausage and the BratHaus before a roar game when Jeff through out the nugget which is hugs&chrises.

Such a great idea and one that really resonated with me - so much so that I can't really remember any of the others!.

So thanks to Jeff, hugs&chrises now lives and will hopefully serve me well in making my space in the Brisbane (and beyond) Celebrant market.

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