How did I get here?!

After 13 years together my friends Kate & Jeff got engaged. Stoked!

A month or two later we were at their home playing Board Games (my partner and I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction here.... another blog post I'm sure!) and we were discussing weddings and what planning they had done.

They were talking about how they wanted low key, close friends and family only and keeping it simple. Naturally with the excitement food, games and drinks brings we started to making it a little bigger than that - I think we landed on a Jurassic Park themed wedding, in Hawaii so that we could fly in on helicopter to the theme song. (PS - if anyone wants to do that, lets talk!!)

Everyone also thought it would be an awesome idea if I was the celebrant. Well, I thought everyone ;)

So over the next few weeks I did some research to work out what I need to do to make this happen. The more I explored it, the more I realised this is something I want to do - not for Kate & Jeff anymore - who wouldn't want to be a part of the happiest day of peoples lives!

I chose an RTO and got started on my Certificate IV in Celebrancy. As I was coming to the very last piece of assessment - two things happened. Firstly Kate and I were exchanging txt messages one day about my progress on my Cert IV and application for registration and she come up with this nugget...

"Since I don't think either Jeff or I were properly involved when this idea came about, pending registration, would you please be our celebrant? ;) ".

Double stoked! But now the pressure was on!

A few days latter I get a letter in the mail - my RTO has gone bankrupt!! Initially I was going to just give it a way and write off my losses, but then I spoke to the friendly folk at Rose Training in Brisbane. Their incredible team - shout out to Karen Rose - worked around the clock to RPL my course work, design gap training and accredit me in a period of two weeks! They even issued a certificate on a Saturday and allowed me to pop in and collect it.!

The application process is rigorous to say the least! I got to the end of it thinking - they have for sure designed that to keep out the riff raff! Rightfully so I suppose!

6 weeks later the news came in! I've officially achieved my goal of becoming a marriage celebrant and there was a collective sigh of relief from Kate, Jeff and myself as we were running up against the 1 October 2016 - the date of their big day.

I really do feel privilidged to be helping create their big day and for what may have started out as a Jurrasic Park theme - I think we have nailed 'them' and I hope those attending feel the same.

I look forward to being able to share in many more couples special day - my next booking is in February 2017 (some other friends getting in fast!) and it all starts somewhere, and this is my time.

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