How we do it

Get in Touch

Choosing a celebrant can be a daunting task.  You really want to know if your personalities click and will they deliver the style of ceremony you are looking for.

Make contact - either by phone or email and we will get some of the early logistics out of the way and start to get to know each other.

I then send you an email with a bunch of details of what to do next and when you are ready we setup a time to meet to get this started.  Remember - you haven't made a commitment to choosing me yet, but i'm sure it won't take long! ;)

Let's Meet!

Whether it's me coming to you, you coming to me or we do it blind date style at a classy place like your local McDonalds the next step is to meet.  We will cover off all the preliminary legal bits and pieces and I will ask you to bring along some material to support that.

The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) is usually completed at this time and based on a more detailed discussion about your plans for your day we will agree on a price, I'll give you a copy of my standard engagement agreement and now we are tentatively wedded to each other - subject to a little bit of time for you to make sure you've made the right decision before you pay the deposit to lock in your date.

Ceremony Planning

OK awesome!  We've agreed to work together to create the perfect day.  You might have a script ready (which I'll just make sure complies with the Marriage Act) or you have some ideas, poems or readings, or perhaps you haven't even thought about it.  It doesn't matter - that's where I come in to bring your vision to life!

I can work up a first draft and then over the coming weeks we will share a document online or back and forth via email to make sure it's 100% perfect.  If it makes you feel more comfortable we can meet to finalise.

I have a bunch of different ideas that may prompt your thinking about what you want.  Whether its simple, classy, traditional or hilarious - we can make it happen!


Practice makes perfect!  Ideally sometime in the week before your big day we will get the key people together so we can talk through the ceremony and make sure everyone knows their parts.  If we can do it at the venue then that's awesome, if not we can make do elsewhere.

This doesn't need to take very long (but can be as long as you need to feel comfortable) and is a critical part of making sure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

The big day!

It's here!

All your planning has come together and we are ready to get you married!

I will bring everything we have agreed on, plus all the bits to make sure it's all legal!

I will arrive at your venue approximately 30 minutes before hand so I can make sure everything looks good to go and for you to feel comfortable. 

I'll stay as long as you would like me too - but generally I'll slip away without you even noticing.  I do love to make sure I have at least one snap of the three of us for my memories (and this site if you'll allow me?!)


I'll send you a short note to confirm paperwork has been lodged and give you an opportunity to provide feedback that I can share with future couples making the big decision!

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